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Core Technology Development!

Technolive works around basic to advanced technological development which is needed in day to day life! Some works of Technolive involves working with Artificial Intelligence, Aggregation, Machine Learning, App Development and Web Development. As of now, Technolive has served many local and global clients and continuing its work gradually. Technolive is the mother of several Technological Companies and is going forward in the path of Technological revolution!

Live with Technology – Technolive!

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Tanvir Sourov


Tareq Al Muntasir


Touhidul Islam Shanto

Web Developer

Tahmid Topu

Junior Web Developer

Arafath Munna

Junior Android Developer

Tamzid Babu

Junior Android Developer


From Small to Big, Projects done by Technolive!

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System Automation

Whatever System it is,
we can automate it!
Everybody wins!

App Development

Android, iOS or Windows!
Just name it!
Improve Business with Apps!

Web Development

Overnight Improve your Business!
Let everyone know!
Exist in Internet!.

Software Development

Any Software you need!
Just name it!
Make your life easy!

The Inspiration

Technolive has been involved in the Technological field and Startup Industry for the past 6 years and serving clients and releasing products both locally and globally. People highly appreciate the works done by Technolive! Work of Technolive involves System Automation, App Development, Web Development, Software Development, UI/UX Improvement & Troubleshooting. We have been highly inspired by lots of people who have been always there and supported everything done by us. We failed a lot and from those failures, learnt our lessons and improved ourselves! We believe anything is possible if you have the proper dedication! And at the end of the day, hard work always pays off!

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Phone: +880 172 6867984